Tenho sede, uma absurda vontade de goles grandes de palavras "malditas" (...)

Memory Of The Love

To do a memory,

to do memories...

You were there,

it was my everything,

my dream...

Only the love can make to last

that moment,

I remind like you gave me that love,

I felt the whole world inside and

out of me and

you kissed me,

I felt that I was free, that I was young,

that I was part of you,

a scream, a breeze, a mirror,

a soul...

Only the time can make me to kiss you


again to speak your name,

in the end, the love...

Our shadows rest to the moonlight and

the sound of your laughter sounds as a melody.

Um comentário:

Mario Rezende disse...

A dream to be loved that way.

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